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ProbioSlim Advanced is the Ideal Probiotic and Weight Loss Supplement

If you are on the look out for a combined probiotic and weight loss supplement, look no further than the new ProbioSlim Advanced. Smartbiotics® has manufactured a breakthrough product that is sure to grow quickly in popularity due to having ingredients that are fast acting but do not include side-effect causing stimulants.

This new and improved formula is a safe and high quality probiotic and supplement for losing weight. Its advantage over competitors is down to two particular benefits.

The first advantage is that there is no caffeine in it. Often a stimulating agent such as this can cause after effects - but there is no risk of this in ProbioSlim. The second benefit is the possibility of much quicker results due to the cutting edge and innovative formula. So weight loss can often be experienced as quickly as within a fortnight of the product being taken.

The manufacturer is also quick to promote the product's ability to relieve common digestive disorder symptoms. So the whole digestive process will be much smoother. They also advise that the supplement can act as a jump start to the weight reduction journey, so long as it is accompanied with a suitable healthy diet. Whether you want a narrower waist, a lower BMI, body fat ratio or body weight, all of them can be achieved by taking it along with a healthy diet. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about your energy levels dipping. Energy might even be boosted, and all without having to worry about uncomfortable after effects.

There are three specific ingredients that allows ProbioSlim Advanced to offer these advantages within each capsule:

LactoSpore: This probiotic strain goes straight to the body's gut lining and eases the daily digestion problems that many people face on a daily basis.

Vitamin Matrix: This acts to keep vital levels of energy intact. The concoction of vitamins, nutrients and minerals works in the same way as other multivitamin supplements you might have encountered.

Meratrim: A mixture of floral extracts and herbs that has been proven to lower body weight and BMI as well as reducing waist circumference.

Together, all of these ingredients are highly effective for losing weight.

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